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Rosane Cobra

Self care manager

Motto: Living well with ease.


O mně, o metodě

Self care management training.

Method: A fusion of somatic therapies with a method imported from Brazil created by her father Nuno Cobra, coach of the famous Formula one pilot Ayrton Senna, pioneer in the union of body and mind in the personal training.

How do I work?

I make a personalized diagnoses of the blockages that prevent the vital flow.

Providing after structural bases for the creation of new postures and new possibilities, developing emotional and mental health through the body with touches and somatic practices that make up the system I would like to change for – that buits the system.

Working on the essential pillars for obtaining and maintaining good health in a simple and efficient way.

Vzdělání a výcviky

Graduated in physiotherapy.

Formed in the method G.D.S, psyco behavioral.

Ractitioner in the art of neuro linguistic programing.

Access consiouness.

Ayurved massage-Pedro Nebesnyj.


1 Session – 1h and 30 minutes: 2000 Kč

Packets, offers: 

Basic – 4 sessions: 7 500 Kč

Premium – 12  sessions: 22 000 Kč


Adresa: Slovenská 1566/6, Praha 10, Vinohrady

Tel: +420702064031

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